Payroll headaches? Don't know where to start? We can help!

Don't let payroll control you - instead, take control of your payroll by having us handle it for you. We provide comprehensive payroll services, including all federal and state quarterly filings as well as comprehensive reports that will show you exactly where all of your payroll expense is.

Whether you have regular part time, full time or contractor employees, we can help. We offer personal, customized payroll services that will fit your business and employees perfectly. Out of the many things that compete for your time as you run your business, don't let payroll be one of them - leave it up to a pro to handle for you, completely and accurately.

Payroll Services include:

  • Employee set up
  • Hourly, monthly, or salaried pay rates
  • Withholding, including special circumstances (child support, garnishment, etc.)
  • Employee plans such as health, retirement, dependent care, etc.
  • Handling all federal filings (form 940, form 941)
  • Handling all state filings
  • State unemployment insurance and workman's comp
  • Automatic bank transactions
  • Printing/mailing paper checks
  • Filing w-2 and w-3 forms
  • Payroll expense reports at any level of detail needed
  • Integration with your accounting system
  • Training and education for your management team, if needed

Tame the payroll monster, at a reasonable cost. Contact us anytime, to discuss your payroll needs.

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